About Us

Where it all began for Brazos Trailers.

Remembering where we came from

Looking back it has been quite the journey to say the least. We are thankful for every single customer that we have had the opportunity to earn their business or start building a trusting relationship with. In 2018 Brazos Trailers currently employs over 70 people, operates 5 of our own trucks delivering nationwide daily, 70,000 sq/ft of shop space and 10,000 sq/ft of office space.

The motto of Brazos President still rings true to this day and is the driving force accredited to our ability to build lasting relationships in individual customers as one of the only manufacturers to sell direct to the end user.  “It’s not how many trailers we sell, it’s how many trailers we sell to each customer”

In October of 2012, two very entrepreneurial brothers set out on an adventure to build a company that would be able to support themselves and a growing Wills Point TX community all the while building a brand that would help move the infrastructure materials of our great country.

Humble beginnings to say the least

Brazos first got its name not because we are on the Brazos river or even in Brazos County, it took on the name Brazos simply because we needed a sign to get our licenses to built trailers and low and behold we had an old sign off of a bingo hall in Brazos County. So, there it was settled Brazos Trailers would be our name. It has made a great conversation topic over the years but also gives us a chance to remember the good ol’ days.

Piece by Piece

Now that we had our name and license to build it was time to get to work. Our first shop was a constructed in the back yard and build with shipping containers and a roof. Dirt floor and all we worked night and day for 6 months on our first trailer. Realizing that by cutting each and every single part by hand with an oxygen/acetylene torch was not going to be the way of the future we had even more drive to get this thing finished and sold to invest in a better cutting process.

First one in the books, let’s give it a name

After 6 months of long hot days we had completed our very first Brazos Trailer. It was a 40’ 23-yard Belly Dump and we now got the privilege of giving it a Model name. Coming from a long line of Gamblers and risk takers we saw it fit to go with “The Pit Boss” also giving credit to our hard working soon to be customers that are in and out of the rock and sand pits. With this name came our famed Cards and Dice logo that quickly got attention.

Closing the sale

This process had to start with a Truck of course. After searching high and low for a cheap truck that looked decent we landed on a 1979 bright purple Kenworth with NO A/C and 4 million miles. It was ours and we could finally set out on the maiden voyage to sell the very first Brazos Pit Boss (In the middle of the summer I might add). Chris left out with a tank of fuel and a freshly painted trailer making his rounds from dealer to dealer, truck stop to truck stop all over Texas. He pulled into a truck stop in Houston after being denied throughout the entire state. He recalls laying his head on the hot steering wheel of that old truck in complete defeat and asking God to help. It was in the same breath that the phone rang and a individual from midland/Odessa area had seen the small one picture add in a sale magazine. He wanted the trailer and not just one, but he wanted two trailers, the race was on once again as Chris left Houston and headed straight to Midland to drop the first Pit Boss off to the new owner and our first Customer. He made the call home to his brother Nathan and the boys that it had sold and another one was needed. By the time he made it home the second trailer was complete and off he went again stopping and showing the trailer to dealers along the way.

Continuing the push

The focus quickly shifted off of trying to gain dealers and middle men and was directed to becoming manufacturer direct and being able to provide the best price to the end user. We began to sell more and more trailers to individuals and found ourselves outgrowing our dirt floor make shift shop. Construction time began as we built our first 2 buildings the first to house our used plasma table and fab shop and the second a 2-bay welding shop. What started with 2 brothers and a vision had grown into 6 or 8 employees and a ever growing customer base and quickly the new shops were full with sold orders.

Expanding our product line

After 2 years of successfully building Belly Dump trailers we decided to spread our wings and sneak into the End Dump industry. Once again, we found ourselves looking for a model name, “Pit Viper” fit the bill as the long and lien Brazos End Dump made its way through the rock and sand Pits of East Texas. It didn’t take long for the word to spread that the huge savings buying manufacturer direct on belly dumps could now be found with a new Brazos End Dump. Shortly after the half round End Dump was available we launched the Brazos Super Scrapper, the largest model trailer made to date. Standing 13’6’’ tall and weighing close to 22,000 lbs this was a great goal for us to hit as a company. Now being in the rock and demo business we were also able to add the scrap metal industry to our resume.

On the horizon

After 4 years of day in and day out building 6 trailers per week we had grown to full capacity with 20-25 employees and once again it was time to shift gears and see what this baby could do. We knew we needed to continue advancing into other markets and saw a void in the RGN Lowboy area. This was going to be a challenge but one the brothers were willing to take on. The planning began on a napkin over lunch. Discussions with the local Economic Development Committee  on what would benefit the community and Brazos Trailers.

An agreement was made on a 12 acre piece of land in the heart of Wills Point Tx , the plan was to erect a 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility complete with all new equipment, over head cranes and state of the art engineering to ensure that all work was done in house and by as many local workers as possible. This goal was accomplished in January of 2016 when Brazos moved into the new facility and rapidly grew to over 70 employees producing 18 units per week.

Along with the completion of the new facility the plans for a 50 Ton and 55 Ton RGN Lowboy were complete and ready for assembly. In just a short time Brazos is proud to offer both of these lowboys at the same great price savings as the previous models. Focused on building lasting relationships it is our goal to be able to offer our customers a way to pull one brand and never have a middle man again.

Phase Two

As our growth continues the need for more space will as well. In February 2018 we added the adjacent 10 acres and another 15,000 sq/ft Fab shop that houses all of our cut parts so that they are ready and available for our customers and the everyday repairs.

Rebrand and Location launch

In early 2018 the decision to rebrand Brazos Trailers logo was made. Changing from the ever so popular cards and dice on our “Pit Boss” Belly Dump and the Lime green Snake head on the “Pit Viper” End Dump to the Brazos Trailers.com “Shield Logo”. This change came as we moved into the ground workings of opening outside locations in other states and we needed a generalized logo theme to flow through all the new models. Shortly after the Brand launch we acquired the properties in Commerce City CO and Buckeye AZ. We are please to announce that Brazos Trailers of Colorado is up and running with the grand opening set for mid-2018. Brazos Trailers of Arizona will follow shortly behind it in early 2019.

From Brazos Trailers, we say Thank you for allowing us to earn your business.